Howard (Houzuo) Guo

Dublin, Ireland

i@hz.gl, guohouzuo@gmail.com

hz.gl, howard.gg, houzuo.net


Cloud computing: AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, DevOps

Frontend: Typescript, Angular, Go, Java

Backend: Go, Java, Linux


English, Chinese

Geeky things

Amateur radio callsign: EI9LC (log)

Amateur radio ID: DMR 2720333 and NXDN 3769



2023 - presentFounder @ HZGL OÜ

HZGL OÜ is a private limited company in the Estonian business register. The business activity comprises own account trading (NACE 64.99, EMTAK 64991) using quantitative strategies.

Registry code: 16833274
LEI: 984500E58DC9AD900862
VAT: EE102663963

2021 - presentSRE Senior Software Engineer @ Google in Dublin

2020 - 2021Senior System Architect @ F-Secure Oyj in Helsinki
2019 - 2020Principal Engineer @ ABB Oy in Helsinki
2015 - 2020Freelancing Cloud & DevOps Consultant @ Kotarosoft Inc (Remote)
2018 - 2019Senior Consultant @ Eficode Oy in Helsinki
2015 - 2018Senior Developer @ SUSE Linux GmbH in Nuremberg
2013 - 2015Cloud Software Developer @ enfore AG in Hamburg
2012 - 2013Software Developer @ Performio in Melbourne
2011 - 2012Research Assistant @ Monash University in Melbourne


laitos – Top geek’s chindogu so unusual that Google demanded to own the copyright

laitos software suite offers all you need for hosting a personal website, receiving Emails, blocking ads with a DNS server. And for the geeks – as a professional geek, you need Internet access whenever and wherever! Laitos connects to primitive infrastructure such as telephone, SMS, and satellite terminal network to offer reliable access to Internet features – Email, social networks, and even web browsing. And when the going gets tough, laitos tunnels TCP traffic over DNS for you to get around local network restrictions.

hzgl-lora-communicator – Battery-powered weather station, messenger, and tracker

hzgl-lora-communicator is an open source firmware running on ESP32 microcontroller for a battery-powered two-way text-messaging, tracking, and weather-station device. It uses LoRaWAN for bi-directional data connectivity.

headmore – VNC client for geeky character terminals

headmore is a client for Virtual Network Computing (VNC), designed for running in character terminals such as Linux VT, xterm, or any other terminal emulator. headmore offers the full range of keyboard and mouse cursor control for interacting with VNC server’s desktop environment.